Bösch Maschinenbau in Zuzwil SG

Your Swiss manufacturer of special machines and letterbox systems.

Special machines for metal and woodworking

All our machines are designed and manufactured in Switzerland: From product development through to manufacturing the series production parts, we do it all.

High-quality letterboxes and letterbox systems

Our letterboxes are designed and made in Switzerland from aluminium, making them both rustproof and extremely durable.


Milling and planing with Hebor

The Hebor name has stood for quality woodworking products for decades. Working on behalf of Hebor, Bösch Maschinenbau has already been responsible for the development and manufacture of tools over many years. Thanks to this long-standing cooperation we have now taken over the Hebor brand completely. We have thus made sure that this famous name, which represents proven technology and reliability, will continue to have a presence on the market in the future.

We offer a wide range of machines for special applications. These include milling machines, sealing groove milling machines, lipping and planing machines. Stop systems are also part of our range.

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Stop systems

A97 universal stop A97 - Bösch Maschinenbau - ZuzwilA97 universal stop for sliding table saws

Thanks to its sleek design, the A97 can be used for all kinds of work undertaken on the machine. 90° angle cuts are made in the closed position. When you adjust the cutting angle, the two stop profiles move synchronously. You can make cuts on both the front and the rear attachment. The cutting angle reads off the dial. A length stop combined with a measurement module can be extended up to a gauge length of 3000 mm.

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Special stop systems - Bösch Maschinenbau - ZuzwilSpecial stop systems

The stop profile is fitted with numerous slots and mounting holes and is available in lengths up to 6000 mm. We also have end covers and sliding blocks for the various profile slots in stock. Stop slide units are suitable for use as right or left stops. When using multiple stops, the minimum distance is 50 mm.

See PDF T4436

Hebor machines and accessories - an overview

Hebor machine accessories - Bösch Maschinenbau - Zuzwil SGHere is an overview of all Hebor machines and associated accessories.

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Hebor edge milling machines

Hebor P72 edge milling machine - Bösch Maschinenbau - Zuzwil SGThe perfect range of machines for precision flush milling, chamfering, capping and rounding of edges and corners.

P72 edge milling and capping machines

P + edge/rounded corner machine

P72 + edge milling and capping machines

PDF P72 and P+ German
PDF P72 et P+ French

Hebor sealing groove milling machines and associated seals

D93 sealing groove milling machine - Bösch Maschinenbau - ZuzwilD93 sealing groove milling

For retrofitted sealing of windows and doors with sealing tube profiles. Joints up to 10 mm can be perfectly - and permanently, above all - sealed using the professional Hebor system.

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Hebor flush planing machines

Adler flush plane - Bösch Maschinenbau - ZuzwilAdler flush plane BH556

Fast, accurate planing in one movement - even around corners:

  • tried and tested special machine for flush planing existing lipping and solid edges
  • Safe, risk-free operation, SUVA compliant
  • powerful motor for trouble-free use
  • equipped with efficient cutting edge system
  • no time-consuming adjustment or grinding of the blades, simply turn over or change. Long service life.

► PDF BH556 deutsch
PDF BH556 français

Hebor belt sanding shoes

BS150 belt sanding shoe - Bösch Maschinenbau -ZuzwilBS150 belt sanding shoe

For better sanding results and higher production on all belt sanders:

  • developed from practical experience for practical application
  • the special sole construction ensures a plane-stable sanding zone and thus gives high quality sanding without clouds of dust
  • rapid sanding without any braking effect
  • easy assembly
  • solid construction, distortion-free cast aluminium chassis

Brushes for Hebor hand brushing machine

Brushes - Bösch Maschinenbau - ZuzwilBrushes for "Rustika" H-130-RS hand brushing machine


  • various special brush segments allow all types of brushable wood to be worked across the grain or longitudinally
  •  suitable for brushing out wax stains, lime, etc

Hebor cylindrical sanding roller

Cylindrical sanding roller - Bösch Maschinenbau - Zuzwil'Schleiffix' cylindrical sanding roller


For use with sandpaper in sheets or from rolls, keyless quick-release lock:

  • facilitates efficient workflow with up to 80% cost and time savings.  Machine belts can also be re-used even when torn
  • for precise conformal edge sanding, even on curved work pieces, domes, etc.
  • excellent sanding results even with the smallest radii
  • for use on milling and moulding machines, sanders, drills, etc.