Bösch Maschinenbau in Zuzwil SG

Your Swiss manufacturer of special machines and letterbox systems.

Special machines for metal and woodworking

All our machines are designed and manufactured in Switzerland: From product development through to manufacturing the series production parts, we do it all.

High-quality letterboxes and letterbox systems

Our letterboxes are designed and made in Switzerland from aluminium, making them both rustproof and extremely durable.


Fast and easy edge finishing

Bösch Maschinenbau in Zuzwil develops and manufactures special machines for metalworking. Our products are noted for their quality and fair price-performance ratio. Our range includes the KF97 chamfering and bevelling machine and TS02 "precise cut" parting-off grinder that we supply to customers all over the world.

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KF97 chamfering and bevelling machine

KF 97 chamfering and bevelling machine - Bösch Maschinenbau - ZuzwilThe KF97 chamfering and bevelling machine is the most flexible edge finishing tool on the market. Developed and manufactured by us, this machine offers superb quality and covers a wide range of applications. The machine adapts to your component, not vice versa.

The KF97 combines the characteristics of four machines in one multi-functional device. Depending on the component geometry, you can use a variety of stop inserts. The ingenious quick-change system means that the perfect stop insert for the job can be fitted into the KF97 in just a few steps. Depending on the size of the component, you can use the machine in static mode or as a hand-held tool.

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TS02 "precise cut" parting-off grinder

TS parting-off grinder - Bösch Maschinenbau - ZuzwilThe TS02 is an indispensable tool in the workshop and on construction sites, wherever you quickly need to make clean cuts at exact angles in problematic materials. You have thin-walled sectional strips, hardened parts, plastics or CrNi sheet that needs to be cut without any discolouration? No problem with a "precise cut"!

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Technical data

  • Parting cross section, circular, up to d 30
  • Cutting length 200 mm with parallel withdrawal
  • Mitre cut with angle stop separately adjustable +/- 45° right
  • and left.
  • Mitre cut parting axis infinitely adjustable to 45°,
  • increments of 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 45°.
  • Connected load 220V 540W
  • Grinding discs  d125x1
  • Weight 10 kg